West Elk Trails Update

At the Garfield County Board of Commissioners meeting on November 15, 2010, West Elk Multi-Use Club’s Executive Director Tod Tibbetts requested $3,000 to fund liability insurance and other operating costs. Commissioners John Martin, Mike Samson, and Tresi Houpt voted unanimously to approve funding. In spite of the increased trail usage, membership fee collections and user donations have decreased. “With Garfield County’s assistance, the club expects to provide the same level of grooming as last year,” said Tibbetts. “The club also thanks Kyle Grambley, the Rifle Ranger District’s Recreational Specialist, for attending the BOCC meeting and for all her help last summer and fall. We are proud of our working partnership with the Forest Service.”

The pre-Thanksgiving snowstorms brought early season trail conditions and grooming operations have begun. Snow cover is thin in some open spaces and unmarked hazards exist on the trails. Trail users should please use caution. New map brochures are available in the box at the trailhead.

Anthony Benham reported six inches of new snow on the trail on Tuesday, November 30. He and Karen Johnson will be grooming and shoveling on the trail on Wednesday, December 1. More grooming operations are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, 12/3 – 12/4. Volunteer help on the trail is essential to help set a firm, level base for the ginzugroomer. Snow shovelers are needed to help level the trail in a few areas. If you are interested in helping move snow on Friday or Saturday, please contact Tod Tibbetts at 970-876-2196 or todt@siltnet.net.

Safety Tip: WEMUC groomers wear orange vests while riding snowmobiles. They ask all other snowmobile users to please use the designated snowmobile trails — not the ski trails. Recreational snowmobiling damages the trails and endangers cross country skiers and snowshoers. If you encounter a groomer while on the trail please step aside and allow him to pass.

See you on the trails!

For more information including a map and driving directions, visit the WEMUC blog.

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