Antero Postpones Hearing to January

Here’s good news:

Hearing on Silt area well density delayed

Gee, I wonder why Antero requested a postponement. Too much negative publicity lately? Articles in The Paper and online comments, letters to the editor and online comments. This week there was an online poll:  Should Antero be allowed to increase well density on Silt Mesa? Last time I checked the No’s were winning by more than 66%.

The folks at Antero are probably hoping the furor will die down. We will all be pacified by the holidays and forget all about well density.

The way I see it this gives us more time.

More time to send those cards and letters to our friends at:
1120 Lincoln St., Suite 801
Denver, CO 80203

More time to organize and gather information and evidence. More time for the Silt Town Board to invite the Silt Mesa and Peach Valley residents who oppose increased well density to share their concerns. More time to find out how the citizens feel about increased well density so close to town. They even have time to do a survey.

More time to come together and talk about the issue. I have so many questions. Here’s a few:

Assuming Antero’s request is approved and water wells start going bad so the residents have to haul water. Won’t their water come from Silt? And if so, how will increased demand from possibly hundreds of residents affect the town’s water supply?

Will the town monitor air quality?

Does the town have a plan for how to deal with the impacts of increased truck traffic – other than check points?

Time is on our side.

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