The Problem With Silt’s Water


Should I drink this water?


I don’t think many people read the Citizen Telegram but there is a good article in this week’s edition about Silt’s water. It’s the best explanation and assessment of the situation I’ve read to date.

Silt drinking water in violation

Here’s the quote that stood out to me:

“It’s hard to say whether or not the water is safe to drink,” said Jim Rada, Environmental Health Manager for Garfield County Public Health.

When the school district shut off the drinking water at Cactus Valley Elementary last week (a block away), we decided to switch to bottled water. If the state and school district officials didn’t think the water was safe to drink that was good enough for us. Besides, I had been having a lingering stomach ache and wondered whether it was related to our drinking water. After I switched to bottled water, my stomach ache disappeared.

We have a carbon filter water treatment system in our home, including a reverse osmosis tap. Plus we have a PUR filter on our refrigerator dispenser. I still use RO water for cooking. I called Western Water Treatment and verified that our system should eliminate TTHMs. I also checked online at the Water Research Center and found this —

For point of use systems at homes, activated carbon filters are the most effective treatment. Reverse osmosis units will also eliminate trihalomethanes.

So why did my stomach ache go away when I switched to drinking bottled water? I got hung up on the words, “the most effective”. Perhaps the carbon filters are not as effective when the TTHMs are elevated. I don’t know. Anyway Tod changed some filters in our system but I still need to replace the PUR filter on the frig. Then I’m going to try drinking our water again and see what happens.

Safe drinking water is vital. I don’t shine a light on this to lay blame. There’s no one to blame it on. It’s not the fault of the decaying plant life that secretes organic compounds. I have no doubt Gerry Pace and his staff, are working diligently to resolve the problem. The great thing about problems is they provide solutions.

I sort of understand why the town does not consider it an emergency situation. However it’s clear no one knows whether the water is safe to drink. Or how many TTHMs is too many. That troubles me. In the meantime, if you don’t think the water is safe to drink, don’t drink it.

So what are the options? Brita filters do not eliminate TTHMs. PUR filters eliminate about 99% of TTHMs. If you prefer zero TTHMs, switch to bottled water.

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2 Comments on “The Problem With Silt’s Water”

  1. Wendy Newell Says:

    Hi Peggy — I can explain why your stomach ache went away after you started drinking bottled water. You have an RO system at your home, which strips the beneficial minerals and creates highly acidic water, which will cause an acidic state in your body (not healthy) and will corrode your home’s plumbing too. Bottled water has minerals left in and is more ph neutral.

    Second, RO does not filter out THMs. Only activated carbon, the shell-based type, and another new nano-based technology on the market will take these guys out of the water. As far as how much THM is bad for you–any amount is bad for you. It exists in all chlorinated water unfortunately. The Pur filter on your fridge is only good for a few gallons and not enough to protect you for long.

    Here’s an article from the Water Quality Association that gives a general explanation:

    I also have a PDF report that explains in detail more on filtering out THMs, if you’re interested. I’ll post it on our Web site on

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Actually Wendy that’s not possible. We have had our water treatment system for more than 10 years. I haven’t had a stomach ache for 10 years. It started recently. But thanks for the info.

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