Correction: Mayor Dave Sucked Up to Antero

Trustee Nicky Leigh commented on my previous blog post that the board had not approved Mayor Dave’s letter praising Antero. I responded that the newspaper article and Fiona Lloyd’s letter to the editor (An open letter to the business owners in Silt) created the public perception that the board had approved Dave’s letter. Then Leigh wrote her own letter to the editor, Moore’s letter was his opinion alone.

Say what? A reporter took Dave’s word for it and didn’t check the facts? So what else is new.

Nicky’s letter piqued my interest. My friend Bev told me about a new website where I could find video of the meeting in question, Central Video Library. Glenwood Springs and Carbondale town meetings are posted, plus GarCo Commissioners meetings. And there it was:

Town of Silt Meeting 11-8-10

If you would rather not watch the entire meeting, the discussion about Mayor Dave’s letter praising Antero begins within the last 17 minutes of the meeting. Just wait a few minutes while it downloads.  Please do watch the 13-minute discussion. Nicky is right. I appreciate her speaking out to set the record straight. I’m happy to correct my part in spreading misinformation.

Dave brought up the letter at the end of the meeting, like an afterthought – OBTW. He didn’t read the entire letter, nor did he have copies available for the other trustees to read. However copies were eventually passed around and the trustees were allowed to read Dave’s letter. It’s clear the letter was definitely Dave’s letter, written at the request of GarcCo Commissioner John Martin, according to hizzoner. The letter was not approved by the other trustees. Trustee Leigh objected to several paragraphs. She said she believes the gas wells have affected the health, safety and well-being of the citizens. She also questioned how many jobs Antero has created locally. Trustee Fleming said that as a trustee he has not had a working relationship with Antero, and the Mayor’s written statements were based on past experience that he (Fleming) has no knowledge of. Trustee Taylor objected to any kind of vote or consensus on the letter. Mike Sawyer, the town attorney advised Mayor Dave that he could act as an individual but not represent policy or the board.

I don’t think the reporter lied. More than likely, Mayor Dave misrepresented the other board members’ positions. If he told anyone his letter had unanimous approval, he lied.

The best we can hope for after the Mayor’s gi-normous blunder is to open up the lines of communication. Antero’s expansion is a huge issue for Silt. I don’t want the Mayor speaking for me. Apparently the trustees don’t either. Arguing about it in The Paper’s letters-to-the-editor and in the comments at their website seems counter-productive. Ignoring the issue won’t make it go away. There’s that whole boycott thing. The residents of Silt Mesa and Peach Valley are our friends, our families, our neighbors. We all breathe the same air.

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