SiltBOTs Suck Up to Antero

The town is not live streaming the BOT meetings anymore so I didn’t find out what happened at Monday’s meeting until I read The Paper. The SiltBOTs approved a letter in support of Antero, which Mayor Dave read at the meeting with Garfield County on Tuesday, which has now spawned a boycott.

Locals boycott Silt over Antero support
Silt Mesa residents angered by board of trustee’s position on drilling well density


I couldn’t be more disgusted.

Mayor Dave said Antero has been “pleasant to work with” and has made “large contributions to social and civic activities.”

Oh hell to the yeah. Doesn’t matter if you’re coughing up a lung and bleeding out your eyeballs from the smog as long as you’re having a good time at the park on Antero’s dime.

And while you’re at it Dave, stop trafficking in generalities. Antero’s been such good neighbors? They made large contributions? How much? And to whom?

I guess funding social events is more important than the health and well being of the people.

And we all know, come spring, Dave will be the first one to bitch about how the trucks are tearing up the streets.

Mayor Dave always says he’s all about beautificating Silt.

So where is the beauty in this?

Dave added that Antero has been “willing to come to town meetings and answer the concerns and questions of both the town and the citizen.”

And lie to our faces! I sat right up front at Antero’s annual meeting last March and looked them in the eyes when they all shook their heads in bewilderment when asked about gas well development on Silt Mesa and Peach Valley and said Anetero had “no plans to drill on Silt Mesa or Peach Valley”.

Quoting from the Board’s letter Dave said, “The Silt Board of Trustees … do not feel qualified to make a professional statement.”

Mayor Pro-Tem Rick Aluise was not at Monday’s meeting and said he would not have approved the letter adding, “Not to weigh in at all, that would have been my suggestion. But I would have been outvoted.”

The Board’s not qualified? They shouldn’t weigh in on the issue? Apparently the Rifle City Council is more qualified than the SiltBOTs because they did weigh in against increased well density in our own back yard.

I understand how the supporters of the boycott feel. But I’m not a fan of boycotts. I don’t see the point in making business people suffer for politicians’ idiotic decisions.

Cuz Dave’s not the only one. The vote was unanimous. Trustees Leigh, Taylor, Fleming, Hernandez, and Sos approved the letter supporting Antero.

Where is the leadership on this issue?

Governing is not just about balancing budgets and providing social activities. It’s about the health, safety, and welfare of human beings and our environment.

It’s all good and well for Garfield County and the City of Rifle to oppose increasing well density on Silt Mesa and Peach Valley. We appreciate their support. But the Town of Silt is the epicenter of this earthquake. Because the Silt Town Board was not willing to stand up to Antero and say, “Enough! Rules are rules”, they have abandoned us.

They have relegated us to an angry mob without giving us the respect our opinions deserve. They didn’t even bother to ask us for our opinions. There were no town meetings. No surveys. But that’s business as usual in Silt – except I thought this Board was different. I mean, they mailed out a survey asking if we want a grocery store. Well duh … Gas well density surrounding the town affects our lives a helluva lot more than some phantom grocery store.

The SiltBOTS need to get their heads out of their – budgets – take a deep breath and look around. So far four rigs up on the mesa. Already my eyes burn from conjunctivitis and my sinuses are congested.

How many more of these are they willing to tolerate looming over Silt? Venting toxins nightly as our air slowly turns brown and stinks. And that’s just what you can see.

Welcome to the future,  Silt …

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3 Comments on “SiltBOTs Suck Up to Antero”

  1. Nicky Leigh Says:

    Peggy, the Board specifically did not approve Dave’s letter. We said he could do whatever he wanted as a person, but the Board would not and did not support the letter either by consensus or vote.

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Nicky, the letter that Dave read at the GarCo mtg on Tuesday was reportedly on Silt town letterhead. And the article refers to the letter as approved at Monday’s meeting. Plus in Fiona Lloyd’s letter to the editor she refers to the letter as approved unanimously by the Board. Therefore the public perception is that the Board approved the letter.

  3. bowen roberts Says:

    keep putting it down,peggy. i try to post your observations on my fb page. maybe somebody/somewhere will finally get it. this makes me sick, getting out may have saved kathy’s life, mamm creek literally made her ill. my confrontations may have ended me, i don’t know.
    how can so much greed, abuse, cruelty be foist upon so many good folks? fascism-corporatists-the filthy dollar-power. i’m beyond sad.

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