GarCo Commissioners Oppose Antero’s Well Density Plan


Local residents express opinions about gas drilling


Following a six-hour public meeting on Tuesday (11/9) Garfield County Commissioners voted 2 to 1 in favor of a resolution to oppose Antero Resources plan to increase well density from one well per 160 acres to one well per 10 acres on Silt Mesa and Peach Valley.

Garfield County Says No To Antero’s Drilling Plans (includes brief video coverage of Tuesday’s meeting)

Garfield County commissioners vote to intervene in drilling plans

Garfield County and the public have until November 29 to gather evidence and voice their opinions regarding Antero’s request to increase well density on Silt Mesa and Peach Valley from one well every 160 acres to one well every 10 acres.

Send your letters before November 22 to:
1120 Lincoln St., Suite 801
Denver, CO 80203

Silt Mesa and Peach Valley areas are primarily residential. Coal Ridge High School is located in Peach Valley. We are already concerned about our air and water quality in western Garfield County. Increased well density will indeed affect everyone’s water and air quality. Students and athletes at the high school will breathe high concentrations of toxic air – if they aren’t already.

Both areas are popular, nationally known bike routes. Poor air quality will certainly affect the attraction of this area for recreation. As it is now, local residents who participate in athletic activities have been forced away from one area after another due to gas well development. Bicyclists that used to make Silt their destination keep going to Fruita and Moab as gas well development has taken over our rural landscapes.

Silt used to be a nice place to live, but gas well development has negatively affected our environment, our quality of life, and our property values. If Antero’s well density is allowed I can foresee a day when this area becomes unlivable.

How can the will of Antero and the mineral rights owners trump the health, safety, and welfare of human beings, not to mention the environment? This region including New Castle, Peach Valley, Silt and Silt Mesa has been like an island of refuge from dirty brown acrid air, contaminated water, noise and truck traffic. Impacts from the four existing wells are already being felt. Where we live is all we have left.

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One Comment on “GarCo Commissioners Oppose Antero’s Well Density Plan”

  1. moses Says:

    the people don’t care money is more important than life itself … the government are the only poeple that can put a stop to that but , as you guested the also getting finances from these places

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