Breaking: Garfield Re-2 provides alternative water source for Cactus Valley Elementary

Parents of Cactus Valley Elementary School received this note in their children’s backpacks today.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you may know, the Town of Silt’s water treatment facility is in violation of the Colorado drinking water standard for a class of chemicals called total trihalomethanes (TTHMs). In a letter to Silt residents, Town officials indicate that the water may be harmful if consumed over a long period of time and that this is not an emergency.

Trihalomethanes are created when chlorine interacts with microscopic natural organic matter from the source water.

As part of their communication, the Town indicated that Silt residents may want to use an alternative drinking water supply, such as bottled water until the Town’s water system returns to compliance. After consulting with officials at the Town of Silt and Regional Water Quality Control Division, Garfield Re-2 has decided to discontinue the use of Silt water until we have been given the go ahead from the Colorado Department of Public Health or the Town’s water system returns to compliance.

Until then we will be disconnecting water fountains at Cactus Valley Elementary, and we will not be cooking with the water. Garfield Re-2 will provide water from an outside source for our students and staff to drink. Over the Thanksgiving break, maintenance crews will install a filter system to reduce the TTHMs.  We support the Town of Silt in their efforts to correct the problem as quickly as possible, and though we agree that this is not an emergency situation, we are following the Town’s recommendation and providing an alternative drinking water supply for our students and staff.

You may like to send a refillable water bottle with your child for use during the school day and to keep at school.

The school district’s decision was based on this letter sent to Silt residents on October 31, 2010.

I switched to bottled water today.

Silt has a new Facebook page, go forth and like today:  Slice of Silt

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