Fill in box – Write in Curry

On August 31, the 10th Circuit upheld an outdated Colorado law which bars independent candidates from running for office if they were registered party members within 17 months before the election. Here is the 21-page decision.

Because of this decision, District 61 Representative Kathleen Curry, Colorado’s only independent legislator, must be a write-in candidate for her own re-election.  We need to send to send a message to the 10th Circuit that the voters will decide who runs for office. We need to write in Kathleen Curry for State Representative District 61.

Now more than ever the people of Western Colorado need her independent voice in the State House. She is currently working on important budget, water, and land uses issues. Rep. Curry truly serves the people, not special interests or party politics. We want her leadership and experience speaking for us.

For more information go to Kathleen Curry’s website.

Show your independence on Election Day. Vote to re-elect Kathleen Curry. It’s easy. Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Find the section on the ballot labeled “State Representative District 61”

Step 2: Fill in the box or oval next to where it says “Write-in”. This is very important. The vote won’t count if you don’t fill in the box. The optical scanner that reads ballots is a stupid machine. It only reads the boxes.

Step 3: Write in “Kathleen Curry”.  Actually, just Curry will work or anything reasonably close – spelling doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to communicate voter intent.  Be sure to fill in that box & tell everyone you know to do so too.

All together now!

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2 Comments on “Fill in box – Write in Curry”

  1. Rick Aluise Says:

    Does this decision mean Tancredo is out except as a write in as well?

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    I don’t know and still can’t find any info on that. Maybe he split from the GOP longer than 17 mos ago.

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