Gas Companies Want to Bury the Evidence

The Colorado Petroleum Association thumbed their nose at state industry regulations this week when they asked the COGCC to roll back new rules and allow gas companies to dispose of pit liners on site — a revolting proposition.

Colorado oil companies want to undo clean-up rules

But the commissioners decided to check with the EPA first.

Colorado denies oil industry bid to roll back regs

Then the industry and regulators all went out for a lovely luncheon where they patted each other on the back and handed out awards.

Garfield County oil and gas operators honored by COGCC

Last spring, GarCo Commissioner John Martin did not object to burying pit liners in the ground.

Garfield County Commissioner Martin says he won’t object to burying pit liners

Since it’s no big deal for Martin, maybe we could make both sides happy and bury the pit liners on HIS property.

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2 Comments on “Gas Companies Want to Bury the Evidence”

  1. Ron Says:

    I am sorry to say your comment about Johon Maritn is a lie. I have sat in many a meeting when John said Pit Liners are toxic. Why is it when I hear about you it is always some new quote that you made that was not true.

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    I didn’t make up anything. I referenced an article in the paper. If Martin was misquoted then the reporter misquoted him — not me.

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