After the Flood – Trail Damage at River Park

The flood waters have receded over the past couple weeks revealing a lot of erosion on the riverfront trail. The damage looks bad but it can be fixed.

The lower interior trail that runs parallel to the ditch road is still muddy but at least there’s no damage other than ruts.

There are 3 dry sinkholes on the ditch road. Park users have filled in the two small, deep holes with rocks and sticks making them more visible to humans and dogs so they don’t step in them. They need to be filled in.

Several sections of the riverfront trail are severely eroded. Repairs are needed in order to make the trail safer.

The worst section is east of the thicket. This section is hazardous for some of our park visitors. Rocks, fill, and brush cutting will make this section safe and passable again for kids and moms with strollers.

River Park is one of the most popular, well-used parks in Silt. During the cool mornings, the park is visited by a steady stream of moms, kids, dogs, fishermen – sometimes just a dude and his dog playing Frisbee by the pond.

The thing is, we’re Dogland junkies. We love this park. Zeus and Venus are so addicted to it, they plan their days around it. Along with Venus, we have watched the behaviors of dozens of dogs transformed because of their experiences there – socialization with other dogs and humans and the ability to roam freely and be a dog.

 A friendship among dog lovers/park lovers has grown over the years. We all feel a sense of stewardship for this magical island. Preserving the park’s natural state is our main mission. At the same time, we don’t want to cause any extra burden for the town. We’ve always managed to handle trail maintenance on our own. This time, the trail erosion is much more severe than we can handle as individuals, or even a group. Naturally we are concerned about the condition of the river front trail. We don’t want it to become a liability because we don’t want to be prohibited from going there. My life would become unlivable with my dogs if we couldn’t go there. We will need the town’s help to repair the riverfront trail.

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2 Comments on “After the Flood – Trail Damage at River Park”

  1. Carl & Karen Mc Williams Says:

    Hello Silt: We are concerned about the ambulance service in Silt. Is anyone else? Our concern is that BURNING MOUNTAIN FIRE has contracted with Rifle through an IGA for ambulance service and now Silt is not served by ALS (Advanced Life Support). Maybe it was a bad idea to allow Betsy to kill WESTCARE AMBULANCE! Anyone else feel the same?

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    The reason for the ambulance/fire dept merger was because Silt could no longer afford to fund the ambulance. Though I’m sure our fire chief, Brit McLin could explain the situation better than I. I happen to think Garfield County should be subsidizing our EMS and fire. They have the deep pockets around here.

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