River Park is flooded

Half of the trails at River Park are under water. However it looks like the peak runoff happened Tuesday morning.  Join me on my tour of the park today.

Jim (of Jim, Joby, & Scruffy) built this bridge across the pond flow. Thanks Jim!

Across the bridge and to the left, the trail to the river bank is flooded.

On the right, the pond overflows the trail to the park interior.

The low trail into the interior is flooded all the way to the river.

The ditch is overflowing into the interior. There are at least 3 sinkholes about one foot in diameter along the ditch road, otherwise the ditch road is mostly dry.

At the end of the ditch road, the ditch company placed sandbags, but they didn’t hold. Only these few remain. This ledge is unstable and very dangerous.

The floodwaters along the riverside had begun to recede this morning, though there has been serious erosion on the riverside trail. The narrow section before the thicket is still flooded. Erosion is the worst here.

The thicket area is also flooded all the way to the triangle.

In this area water had been flowing heavily on Tuesday but was only a trickle today. So this area should begin to dry up over the next week.

If you go down to the park you will get wet and muddy. Wear waterproof shoes. I’ve been wearing waterproof sandals and using a hiking pole to keep from falling. The river is wild and dangerous, and full of dead heads. There are steep drop-offs along the ditch. Keep your dogs on a leash if you don’t want them in the water. Venus and Zeus naturally avoid the fast water in the river and ditch. They prefer to play around in the pond and the standing water.

Have fun!

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One Comment on “River Park is flooded”

  1. bowen roberts Says:

    looks like another big run-off year. i recall one year it looked asif the river would reach out & grad you. i got down next to the edge & looked across the surface to find the middle of it to be considerably lofted above the edges. that year (?) changed the shape of the river & islands. impressive, intimidating, & very dangerous.

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