Chaco reunited with his family

I love dog stories with a happy ending. My ad in The Paper was successful. Chaco was reunited with his family, the Lozanos, on Saturday, June 5. He is 7 months old.


It’s a cute story. They have another older, big dog. He’s black & gray, sort of looks like a Lab/Australian shepherd mix. I can’t remember his name, so for the sake of the story I’ll call him Ozzie. He looked like an Ozzie.

Anyway, Ozzie wandered off on Sunday evening, May 30. Unbeknownst to the family, Chaco was outside in the yard and followed Ozzie. Mr. Lozano said they had taken the dogs to River Park a few times recently. I forgot to ask him if they had walked to the park. I have never walked Venus and Zeus down to River Park. I could very easily. But if I show them how to walk there, the first chance they get they’ll try to get there by themselves. Which is exactly what Ozzie did. He trucked on down to Dogland with little Chaco at his heels.

Ozzie’s role in this solved part of the mystery of Chaco. Three people told me they had seen him with a big black & gray dog on Monday and were unable to catch them. But when we found Chaco he was definitely alone. We were in the park for 45 minutes. Mr. Lozano said Ozzie came home alone on Monday afternoon.

After Mr. Lozano explained what happened, he added that Chaco was a Christmas present to his 2 young daughters and they would be thrilled to have him back home again. While he told me this, I glanced several times at Ozzie in the back of his pickup. He wouldn’t look me in the eye. Chaco was overjoyed to see Mr. Lozano. Ozzie didn’t look too happy. Hmm. Let’s see. Little puppy. Christmas present. Gets all the attention. Kind of pest. Maybe ol’ Ozzie wasn’t the big bro he had pretended to be all these months. If ever a dog had a guilty look on his face, it was that one. I loved it.

The big disconnect in all this is once again is the Silt PD. I called Rifle Communications and I talked to a Silt officer on Monday around 6:00 p.m. I told the dispatcher and the officer about the pup. They both had my name, address and phone number. They both said if anyone called looking for a Chihuahua mix male they would give them my information. Mrs. Lozano told me she called the Silt PD and they didn’t give her my info. Instead a co-worker showed her my ad in the paper. I posted a photo with my found ad, which was all free. She knew instantly she’d found Chaco. She could have had him back a whole lot sooner if the Silt PD had passed along my information. I have been lectured by the Chief more times than I can count about poor communication with my neighbors. I think Silt PD has their own communication problems.

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