Do you know this dog?

Found at River Park on Memorial Day. Red & white Chihuahua/Basenji mix, unneutered male, 12 pounds, approximately 12-18 months old. Found with brown leather collar.

If you own this dog or know who does, please contact me in the comment section, by phone or email:

We were the only people in the park when Zeus and Venus found this adorable little dog hiding in a thicket. He was scared out of his mind. He snapped at me when I tried to pick him up. So I pushed him to the ground with a firm “Shh-ttt. Shh-tt.” He instantly rolled over and showed submission. I scooped him up and we took him home.

I assume he was dropped off at the park. But on the off chance he’s a runaway, I am attempting to find his owner. So far I have contacted the Silt PD, Divide Creek Animal Hospital & Shelter, and CARE. I also placed a Found ad in The Paper. For now he is in foster care at my home. We call him Poco.

Poco is very good natured, though shy at first. He is still traumatized by his experience, which is a big reason why I kept him with me rather than turn him over to the Silt PD. But he is improving every day. He is crate trained, housebroken, leash trained, and he follows simple commands. He responds easily to training and discipline. Obviously at some point in his life someone spent a great deal of time training him. He’s a terrific, smart little guy who is easy to care for.

Poco gets along well with other dogs. He really likes Zeus and Venus. I’m sure he’s grateful they rescued him as opposed to eating him for lunch. They seem to like him as well because they aren’t just tolerating him. They act amused by him, however they do expect him to behave and not get in their faces, so we are working on that. If he really wanted to, he could push their buttons and make life a lot more difficult for everyone. He assimilates quite well into a pack situation. At the park this week, he was in the middle of 5 big dogs, including Zeus and Venus and was not the least bit anxious about the situation, nor was he aggressive. He simply blended in, showing good socialization skills.

Poco also gets along well with cats and kids. He does not bark (great news for the neighbors!!!). Basenji’s by nature do not bark, they yodel or ululate. He woofs and yodels both, but not very often.

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2 Comments on “Found!”

  1. bowen roberts Says:

    did you say quiet chihuahua? keep that dog!

  2. bowen roberts Says:

    your post clock’s an hr slow. but silt Does have it’s own time zone,doesn’t it.

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