Silt Poll: Tell us what you think

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between satire and journalism in The Paper. In the latest article about “the controversy” in Silt, Cheryl Chandler and Glen Ault – both realtors and neither of whom lives in town or votes in Silt elections – spouted off their disgust and disdain for the Board’s decision to cut staff and trim the budget.

Controversy nothing new for Silt board

Rifle Realtor Cheryl Chandler said:

“I left the meeting in disgust. To me, that is not how you do business. It’s going to be another solid year of nothing happening in Silt. The Silt Chamber of Commerce does not support any of what has happened. A railroad just went through the town of Silt. It was a terrible display of ego to treat people that shoddy.”

Actually a railroad does go right through downtown Silt. Several times a day. Perhaps she doesn’t know that because she doesn’t live in Silt. But I think I’ve sussed out the real problem here. She thinks of Silt as a business. It’s not. It’s government, which is controlled by the people – who vote. Oh I know. I know. These days, corporations and the business world think they get to run things. It’s no different in tiny Silt. Last time I checked – on April 6 – there were more voters than members of the Silt Chamber of Commerce.

There’s so much humor to mine in her comments. I can’t get to it all. Ok. Just one more. Chandler said, “It’s going to be another solid year of nothing happening in Silt.” Right there she admitted that the previous board did nothing. Which was kind of the point from the voters’ side of this whole thing. We were tired of nothing being done about the budget so we did something about it. We voted. And the new board already accomplished more in one meeting than all of last year. But then she’s complaining because they did something. She must make herself dizzy.

Silt Realtor Glen Ault said:

“It was very unprofessional. I think the citizens of Silt deserve a little bit of public input on drastic changes like that, not just because it was their stand. They kind of left the Town Hall in a mess. They kind of railroaded things.”

That’s weird. He said “railroaded”. Chandler said “railroad”. I think I see a pattern here. Looks like these two may have met before the interview and planned to talk about the railroad.

I’m starting to feel like the town crier. Just once more for good measure. This is a difficult concept for some people to grasp. The “citizens of Silt” voted to put the SOS guys in office. The 330+ voters who elected them represent more than “a little bit of public input”. They represent the majority. They knew that the candidates were planning to cut staff to cut the budget. Maybe in Ault’s world elections don’t really matter. There’s a lot of that going around lately. I guess Chandler and Ault would prefer that we toss out the election results and do a show of hands from the gallery at every Board meeting. Then they would get to vote.

The article also goes into the whole rumors of a recall thing which, as someone who knows from recalls, is laughable. A recall requires leadership, organization, and action. All the opposition has done so far is whine and complain. And who will be their leader? Cheryl Chandler? Oops. That’s right. Not a Silt voter.

Well I say let’s not stop with Cheryl Chandler and Glen Ault. Let’s find out what the whole damn world thinks about Silt. People from all over the place read my blog. Florida. Peoria. Afghanistan. Canuckistan. Even Iran. I wonder what the Iranians think about a town where the candidates who were actually elected by the voters did what they said they would do and decreased the size of local government. They could surprise us and side with the realtors from out of town. Anything’s possible.

That’s right. Anyone can vote in my poll. Doesn’t matter who you are. Or where you’re from. Your kids can vote. Your dog can vote. We don’t care. We just want to know what you think about us. Your opinion about “the controversy” is just as important to us as 2 western Garfield County realtors.

For those of you who would like to make an informed opinion – not the most popular method in these parts – here are some of the facts behind “the controversy”.

Trustee candidates discussed in public forum their plan to cut staff to reduce the budget.

Those trustee candidates were elected.

New trustees cut staff to reduce the budget.

Sorry Silt voters. You don’t get your own voting category. But you can vote in the poll like everybody else. Besides you already got your chance to voice your opinions in the election. Nobody really cares what you think anyway. Not the realtors. Not the Paper. Not the candidates who lost or the people who voted for them. The only people who care what you think are the guys you voted into office. So deal with it. You’re always free to stick your head out of the fox hole and identify yourselves in the comment section.

I’ll keep the poll open for a couple weeks. It’s a big world.
(BTW, this is an anonymous poll.)

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10 Comments on “Silt Poll: Tell us what you think”

  1. Lyn Hailey Says:

    You should write for the newspaper.

  2. Lyn Hailey Says:

    Btw: Since when does anyone speak on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce? Did she poll the members of the chamber? Is the chamber now a political organization? Usually, the chambers support business and nothing more, since their membership is a diverse group of religious and political beliefs. Are the chamber members aware that someone spoke on their behalf in a political manner???

    My guess is they don’t all agree with her opinion.

  3. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Quite frankly even if they do, who cares? If Silt businesspeoples want to have a say in town government then they ought to live in town.

    What’s really unprofessional is to criticize a town board on the front page of The Paper, when you might need to do business with them in the future. Talk about burning your bridges. The bad economy must be making the realtors a little crazy.

  4. Carl & Karen Mc Williams Says:

    Perhaps our ears were playing tricks on us; but at the Silt BOT meeting on 5/10/2010; we thought we heard a male voice speak into a hot microphone at the beginning of the break and say: “TIME TO GO SMOKE A JOINT”. Did any one else hear the same? Perhaps it’s just our sixty-something ears plaing tricks on us. But if in fact someone did say: “TIME TO GO SMOKE A JOINT” then the Silt Police should investigate and determine exactly who spoke those words. We do not believe such speech, (while protected by the First Amendment) is worthy of our Town officials. If this speech actually took place, the guilty party should resign immediately. If the guilty party does not resign; the BOT should immediately vote to censor the individual.

    To reiterate, perhaps our ears are in need of medical attention and we did not hear the obviously despicable speech.

    Carl & Karen Mc Williams
    Silt, Colorado

  5. Joseph Muenich Says:

    I thought it was legal to smoke a joint in Colorado.

  6. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    I was in the room so I didn’t hear it but a friend of mine said she heard it on the TV version. That’s high-larious. I can think of one person in the room who needed an attitude adjustment.

  7. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Sort of … you have to have an mm-card.

  8. Carl & Karen Mc Williams Says:

    Obviously our values are different from Mr. Muenich. We don’t want any elected official to represent us while SMOKING A JOINT on a ten-minute break.

  9. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    I’m sure the person who said it meant it as a joke. A little comic relief on another rough night.

  10. Mayor Moore Says:

    At the 5-24-2010 Board of Trustees I was pleasently informed that quitely without fan fare our friend and citizen of Silt Tod Tibbetts made the connection that opened up the transmitting of our Board of Trustees meeting to basicly the whole world. At 6:55 Paul told me of this “promised” action by Tod. I rushed and grabbed my cell phone and dialed North Carolina and Ohio. My son and Bro-in-law. “Hey if you guys want to watch the BOT meeting, go to the web page of Silt and tune us in.” I then came out, sat down and started the meeting. I announced that we now have “live stream” but I failed to tell the world that it was due to a promise by Tod Tibbets who is responsible for this wonderful connection with the rest of the world. TOD, THANKS FOR THE TROUBLE AND EFFORT THAT CONNECTED SILT TO THE REST OF THE WORLD. Mayor Dave Moore

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