Fun and Games

I had no sooner typed the words, “Let the games begin” and they began. On Thursday, a recount was requested and paid for by former mayor John Evans.

Silt mayoral contest subject to recount

What fun! We just don’t see this kind of excitement in Silt every day. I’m jumping up and down.

So, my friend Bev is an alternate election judge and she was called to help with the recount, which will be on Wednesday morning, April 14. The Monday, April 12, Board Meeting has been cancelled because the election results can’t be certified until after the recount, therefore new members can’t be sworn in. Silt is Board-less.

People are chatting it up over at SOS on the Facebook. It doesn’t get any better than this for a local political junkie. Who needs a food co-op?

But anyway, the Paper has published several articles about the Silt election for the past couple months, using words like “drama”, “Family Feud”, and in the latest article about the recount “contentious”. They made an issue out of campaign finances and flyers. It’s obvious the articles are written by an outsider. John Colson doesn’t really understand how much fun we have with Silt politics.

Let’s face it. We got it going on in Silt. We had six candidates running for three trustee seats and two candidates running for mayor, with a 39% voter turnout. That’s what I call an involved electorate. The citizens of Silt are definitely not asleep.

Up in Carbondale they had a 26% turnout for a mayor’s race. Three trustee seats were uncontested. Incredible. Over in New Castle they had a 38% turnout for two ballot issues. The mayor and three trustee seats were uncontested. Unbelievable. Out in Parachute they cancelled their election altogether for lack of interest. Astonishing. How boring is that? I couldn’t possibly imagine the apathy.

There is a word for our goofy politics in Silt. It’s called democracy.

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4 Comments on “Fun and Games”

  1. Paul Taylor Says:

    Thank you Peggy. I think that ir is funny to look at both sides of this dilema. Recount, Recall, Finances, Contentious, and I could put other words in there but I would not want to polute your website. You are correct when you state that we have fun in Silt. Politics are a very strange bed-fellow. Keep up the good work and MANY THANKS to you and Todd.

  2. Lyn Hailey Says:

    Peggy…I think this victory is a victory for Tod and you too. I know a couple of the SOS candidates, and they agree.

  3. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    It’s true we have some serious issues facing us but at least we can still have fun with our politics. You can thank me all you want but I’m the one having fun with my blog while you will have to deal head on with the serious issues. The good news is you have help and the town is now in good hands. Thank YOU for stepping up to do the hard work ahead. We will continue to support you.

  4. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    The Tibbettses do feel a sense of vindication in this election. Thank you, Lyn.

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