The Paradox

** Candidate Forum at the Town Hall ** 
Wednesday, March 10, at 6:00 p.m.

This post refers to Mr. Andrews’ comment attached to “Citizens of Silt”. He wrote:

Give it up Peggy – yur politics is about to go the way of the T Rex – You lost before – yur party is about to handed its political head as it were – starting with Boo Bac Obama – who is soon and be “one and done!”

All politics is local – your politics stinks to high heaven.
They make meds that can improve your life. Its called Viagra.

Two years ago I banned Mr. Andrews’ vulgar, harassing email comments from this blog. He had sent more than a dozen of them over several months. The last time I heard from him was July 29, 2008 – until today.

I allowed his comment this time so that my readers can see what kind of person he is. This is the kind of stupid crap I have to put up with. Oh well. It’s all in the name of free speech. Right?

One of the reasons why Tod and I bowed out of Silt politics was because of harassment from people like Mr. Andrews, the neighbor, the cops, the town staff, the list goes on. We tired of it. And the harassment stopped. For almost a year.

Interesting. It’s election time in Silt. Tod and I aren’t involved in town government anymore. And we aren’t running for anything. But we are getting harassed again. By our neighbors. By the cops. By Mr. Andrews. What’s up with that?

What is so disturbing is that I know from Mr. Andrews’ own words in the long string of nasty email messages that he is a friend of Mayor Dave. And Mayor Dave is currently running for re-election. In fact, he’s joined up with a coalition of the 3 candidates I support for Trustees: Rick Aluise, Paul Taylor, and Bryan Fleming.

I had been leaning toward supporting Mayor Dave because I think he should have to fix what he broke. I was told that he has pledged to do just that. I believe he is sincere about that. One thing I know for certain is that his opponent, Meredith Robinson is every bit as much at fault for the town’s problems and has never even admitted her failures, much less lifted a finger to fix them.

But how can I support Mayor Dave for re-election when a man whom I know to be a friend of his, sends an email like that to me? Add to that all the other forms of harassment we have endured and the whole thing becomes one giant paradox.

I don’t blame Dave for Mr. Andrews’ behavior. I have to believe that he did not know about nor would he approve of the harassing emails. Nonetheless, Mr. Andrews’ behavior reflects badly on Dave because it brings up the ugly side of Silt politics, which I had hoped was in the past.

While I could be persuaded that Mayor Dave will do as he has promised and work with Rick, Paul, and Bryan to address the town’s budget deficit and make much needed improvements, I will not rewrite history. I tell the truth. I believe Mayor Dave can go a long way toward making up for his own contributions to the town’s problems by becoming part of the solution.

So here’s the challenge. If Mr. Andrews will disappear back in the hole he crawled out of and leave me alone, I will show that I am a much bigger person than he is, that I can leave the past behind and vote for Mayor Dave for re-election, for the sake of Silt.

That means total silence. Mr. Andrews should not respond to this post. He should not comment on any of my posts ever again. Nor should he send emails to me – or attempt to contact me in any way. I do not care about or respect his opinion about anything. If I can get an end to Mr. Andrews’ harassment, then I will vote for Dave.

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One Comment on “The Paradox”

  1. glasnost Says:

    Well Done! I Like it!

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