West Elk Multi-Use Club Purchases Ginzugroomer from RFTA

The Ginzugroomer has arrived at the West Elk trail system. Recently the West Elk Multi-Use Club purchased a cross country ski trail groomer and a Yamaha VK towing sled from RFTA. The equipment had been used by Rio Grande Trail and Corridor Manager Robert Comey to groom a 3-mile section of that trail. Community support was so positive that RFTA upgraded their equipment, making their used equipment available for sale to the West Elk Multi-Use Club, which maintains a 12-mile trail system for cross-country skiers, snowshoers, bikers, hikers, and horseback riders.

“The Ginzugroomer is a dream come true for our club,” said WEMUC Executive Director Tod Tibbetts. The new equipment arrived at the trail head on Buford Road on January 22. Groomers Anthony Benham, Tod Tibbetts, Eric Boley, and Dan Becker had been preparing the trail surface for several weeks. They used snowmobiles and shovels to pack down and widen the trails in order to accommodate the 62″ wide groomer. On January 23, Head Groomer Anthony Benham ran the new equipment over the cross-country ski trails, Kay’s Loop and Eric’s Loop. The result is a smooth, packed powder, corduroy surface wide enough for skate skiers, large groups, and meeting others on the trail without having to step off the trail.

According to Tibbetts, “Having the wider, packed trails opens up our winter trail system to more users at all ability levels. Not just skiers and snowshoers but also kids on sleds and casual dog walkers in hiking boots. The wider, smoother trails will be easier to groom after a snowfall.”

Head Groomer Anthony Benham on the Yamaha VK towing sled with the Ginzugroomer.

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