Running on Empty

So Mayor Dave is thinking of taking his act to the state legislature in 2010.

Silt mayor may run for Curry’s District 61 seat
Moore hopes to decide in two weeks

SILT, Colorado — Mayor Dave Moore of Silt announced this week that he is “thinking about” asking voters to elect him to represent District 61 of the Colorado General Assembly.

The seat currently is held by Kathleen Curry of Gunnison, who recently changed her party affiliation from Democrat to independent, but indicated she plans to run for re-election.

In the article Dave was quoted as saying, “I am angry. I’ve got an attitude, and I hope to keep that attitude until we change the administration.”

It’s déjà vu all over again. That Dave is all about change. Don’t we know it. Silt hasn’t been the same since he became mayor in 2006. Back then, the town had a balanced budget AND a surplus. But Dave stormed into office with that angry attitude of his, determined to shake things up.

He wanted to “change the administration” back then, too. The town administration. Dave didn’t like the law firm that the town had contracted for legal services. He wanted a town attorney. He contacted other board members and swayed them to his way of thinking because rules have never mattered to Dave when it comes to politics – unless they apply to someone else. Under his heavy-handed leadership, the majority of the board voted to end the town’s contract with the law firm and hire a town attorney. But they couldn’t afford a real attorney, so they hired a legal representative plus a real lawyer to handle court cases. The new arrangement cost the town at least twice what they were paying their original law firm. 

Next on his agenda, Dave harassed the town administrator and the development director. Among other things, he laid procedural traps for them hoping they’d mess up and if they did, he threatened their jobs. Regardless of the fact that he lacked the authority to micro-manage town government, he forged ahead with his agenda to change the administration.

After 13 months of Mayor Dave, the board fired the legal representative because she had twice not taken the bar exam as directed. Then the town administrator and development director resigned.

In the summer of 2007, the town hired a new administrator, development director, and town attorney at increased wage and benefits costs of 25-30% over the previous administration.

After almost 4 years of Mayor Dave, Silt is operating with a $342,000 budget deficit. The town is borrowing money from the water district. What happens when the water district runs out of money? Un-incorporation? That would be a change. A change from a bloated, incompetent administration that constantly manipulates weak board members to no administration and no town board – and no mayor.

In the end, Dave has actually taught us all a valuable lesson. He proved he could create a town government so ineffective that we could more easily do without it.    

Dave was also quoted as saying, “I feel a passion. I feel like I need to get out and help to change the course of this country.” He certainly succeeded in changing the course of Silt.

Although that whole passion thing could prove to be a stumbling block when it comes to getting elected to higher office. Dave’s passion makes him a determined candidate. Combine that with his maverick attitude about the rules and he’s a full-fledged danger to the electorate. Some people might call what Dave does – like filling out ballots – cheating. But he truly believes he’s doing what’s right for the people. 

Winning 2 mayoral elections – not 3 as stated in the article – and one of which was a voter recall – both by slim margins and winning a district wide election are two different animals. Logistically speaking, I’m not sure if he could fill out enough ballots in all of District 61 to beat the popular incumbent Kathleen Curry.

But I sure hope he tries. I, for one, am eager to see him pack up his tea bag and move on down the road to bigger and better fiscal disasters.

It doesn’t matter that Dave has not studied the specifics of some laws he thinks should be repealed, he’s “frustrated at the direction in which this country is going”.

And he drives a pickup truck.

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One Comment on “Running on Empty”

  1. Lyn Hailey Says:

    Great info, Peggy! Dave, with his new Town Attorney (a little googling shows he was run out of his last town for an anger management problem), his new administrator (in charge of the budget that has what did you say? a $342,000 deficit?) and a bunch of escapees from the Pueblo loony bin as his fellow board members (one a stalker, one senile, shall I go on?), now wants to carry this disaster to a higher level! As the commercial says, “brilliant!”

    Seems to me the town is now worse than at its worst ever time in 2001, I think, when they ran over a $300,000 deficit and were illegally taking from the water money, weren’t they? It seemed to stop there for awhile but now we’re back full circle!

    What a sad spectacle. But our local government seems to be a microcosm of the larger state and federal loons. What do we expect. I guess Dave and the goofball administration think we can just print money like the feds do! Or steal it from other areas.

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