“Rilly” Special Gift from Hailey

A few weeks ago at Cactus Valley Elementary, Mrs. Johnson asked her 3rd grade class to write an essay about someone they think should be honored. My granddaughter Hailey is in her class. She wrote an essay about me and gave it to me for Christmas.

Click here to see her actual essay. The scan didn’t turn out so great. Here’s what she wrote:


My Nana shod be honerd becus she is rilly kind. She writs rily god books and plays with me. She tate my to be kind. She maks me the best hot coco for in the wintr. My nana shod be honerd caus she is rilly nice.

Luckily she wasn’t graded on spelling. I love the drawing at the bottom. That’s me and Hailey drinking “coco” and shouting “Yay”.

Hailey is my best friend and she gave me the best Christmas present of all. Thank you Hailey!

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One Comment on ““Rilly” Special Gift from Hailey”

  1. Cele Says:

    I absolutely love this, what a special keepsake.
    Happy New Year my friend.

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