Like a hurricane with snow

Since I moved here in 1996, we’ve never gotten more than 2 feet of snow in one big dump. Everyone I’ve talked to says this is more like 30 inches. Most people say this probably has happened before in Silt but no one can remember when. Maybe our collective consciousness just blocked it out.

Tod got out ahead of the storm on his way to Chicago. When the plane landed 15 minutes early at O’Hare the pilot said they had a 150 mpg tailwind. Whoosh. Like a hurricane with snow.

I was on my own but never alone in Silt. After the plow made a path in the street Tuesday morning I was out with my electric shovel making tunnels in the driveway for my Jeep tires. Clint the appliance repair guy and my neighbor – lucky me – came flying over on his Polaris 4-wheeler with a plow. I swooned.

“Step aside. I’ll get that for you,” he said. “But you gotta watch for the cops.”

“What? Why?” I asked.

“If they catch me plowing they’ll give me a ticket,” he said. “I got two last year.”

“Why would they do that?

“Cuz I leave a mess in the street,” he said.

After he unplugged my driveway I offered to pay him but he said no. “You’re going to have to clean up the mess I made in the street right away or the cops’ll give you a ticket.”

He no sooner disappeared around the corner and a patrol SUV showed up and the cop sat a block away and watched me clean up the street with my giant snow scoop. Or maybe he was just waiting for me to get out of the way.


Les Sims stopped and helped me shovel out the mailboxes. I told him about Clint and the cops and my cop. He wasn’t surprised. We talked about how during times like these we all help each other out. It’s like the people vs the town and cops. We manage in spite of them.

I paid forward the kindness shown me by going down to Dogland and breaking a trail with my cross country skis through the park so the other dogs and dog owners would have  trail to walk on. I hardly ever get to ski Dogland. It was awesome.

A couple guys from the ditch company took a Bobcat and a backhoe down the ditch road on Thursday morning. So River Park has been thoroughly tracked. People can walk, ski or snowshoe – whatever their pleasure.

Anthony Benham groomed the West Elk trail on Thursday. He said the Flattops only got about a foot. And Aspen only got 7 inches. Go figure.

People always say this is a strange little town. And it’s true. When you get past all that it’s the people who are the heart of this town. We really do look after each other. No one thinks twice about it. The spirit of kindness blew through here this week. In spite of the snow and cold it’s a warm fuzzy feeling.

I love that about Silt.

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One Comment on “Like a hurricane with snow”

  1. Cele Says:

    After all that goes on in your little burg, that is every cool to read. Happy winter my dear friend.

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