No Pot Shops in Silt

… or New Castle.

For 180 days.

In the continuing saga of Silt’s budget crisis – which is now projected to be a $300,000 shortfall – this week we learned what the Board and Staff will NOT do to raise revenue.

More medical marijuana moratoriums
Silt, New Castle want to see what state does

The towns of Silt and New Castle both have enacted moratoriums on medical marijuana dispensaries with town limits.

The trustees of both town have concluded that they will see what the state legislature does in its next session, which begins in January, 2010, before taking any further action on the issue, according to town officials …

Amen to that.

The last thing we want in this town is sales tax revenue from a bunch of pot-smoking sick people. It’s good to know we have a Town Board and Staff looking out for us so we don’t have to.

Luckily we don’t live in a town like Glenwood Springs where they allow pot shops right downtown and not in the back alley where they belong. After all, sick people who need medicinal marijuana deserve to be shunned. Why can’t they just consume copious amounts of prescription drugs like everybody else? Besides, we already have one medical clinic in Silt.

During these difficult economic times we can’t just let any old business open up in this town. We have to be very careful. It’s important for a business be of a certain caliber to complement our 3 liquor stores and 3 gas stations. A pot shop for sick people doesn’t exactly fit in with the whole drunk driving theme we’ve got going on.

Just look at what the Board and Staff have accomplished with one small ordinance. They not only prevented one businessman from opening a store in Silt, but they made sure that particular businessman and any other businessman like him doesn’t have a prayer of opening a store in Silt for at least six months. On top of that, they are protecting us from an invasion of roving hordes of sick potheads.

Who can argue with Town Attorney Duran’s reasoning? It is far better to wait and see what the state legislature might possibly maybe do at some point in the future than jump whole hog into a boom market while it’s hot and rake in the revenue like they do in Glenwood, Carbondale, Basalt, Aspen, Rifle …

In that proud tradition we have here in Silt of being part of the problem – even making up a problem where none existed – and not part of the solution, the Board and Staff have really outdone themselves this time. They created a problem – pot shops – where none existed – Silt doesn’t have any – and used that newly hatched problem to NOT solve the $300,000 budget shortfall.

I think I speak for my fellow Siltoids when I say, “What are they smoking?”

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One Comment on “No Pot Shops in Silt”

  1. lyn hailey Says:

    They aren’t smoking anything. Maybe that’s the problem. The staff and the board need to stop at one of our 3 liquor stores for something to drink, gas up the car, loosen up their tight, ignorant asses and take a long drive over a short mountain shoulder.

    What a bunch of buffoons.

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